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We could bore you with talk of cultivar, third wave coffee culture (don't worry, you didn't miss the first two), lighter roast profiles, novel brew methods, milk science, the soil and climate of each farm where our coffee is sourced, blah, blah, blah. Instead, we'll tell you this:

Goosecup's true north is a singular commitment to serving only that which can universally be referred to as — "good". Our janky barometer for "good" is an observable excitement from those consuming what we serve — a real "oh sh*t" moment. If that measure isn't met, it simply isn't worth putting in front of our guests.

Our purpose is to take the complexity, care, attention and technique required for specialty coffee and distill it for consumption into a 4-letter word we all understand: GOOD
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Our approach to roasting is simple. It relies on the careful shaping of a coffee’s inherent flavors — whether it’s the floral, bright nuance of an Ethiopian bean or the mellow acidity and caramel sweetness of a Colombian bean — and a sourcing of single-origin coffees in small lots from independent family farms.

We plan our roasts in a way that accentuate the traits meant for extraction — with the added context of source, region, cultivar, soil, climate, elevation, topography (among others) — and the elements of heat, time and air as the variables we introduce to bring those qualities forward.

The end result is what you'll find in your cup at Goosecup. Prepared by a barista with an aptitude for the method and manner in which that specific single-origin coffee is meant to be delivered — all for you. Or us. Actually, mainly for us. Sorry.
Good cocktails are like a three-legged stool. They require an equal distribution of structure, technique and playfulness to be properly supported (at least that's what our cocktail dude said). One leg off? Think of a drunk toddler* on a buttered floor — an inevitable thud to the ground.

Our aim, beyond making sure we have a functioning stool, is to leave our ego at the door, create cocktails you'll write home about, and harness an atmosphere where you're always welcome.

Expect modern spins on an Old Fashioned, an homage (or two) to Sam Ross, a Julep, a smoky Mezcal or 3 — but, most of all, expect a good cocktail.

*We do not advocate drinking toddlers, but we do support drinking parents.

At the end of the day, it's all of the wonderful people involved with our shop that gets us motivated. We wouldn't be here without a little help from our friends and coworkers!

Interested in working with us? Shoot us an email and tell us what you're passionate about!

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